We cut various unnecessary expenses that other boosting sites have, in order to bring the most fair  prices possible. Our goal is to provide the customer with an enjoyable experience instead of viewing them as a one time transaction.

We are proud to say we are one of the few boosting sites that are able to boost accounts to challenger.

Our admin staff is consistently monitoring site activity and will respond to all inquiries within 24hrs




A Solo Boost is our service where the booster will login and play on your account. Simply choose the desired rank of your choosing , and your preferred booster. Accounts that wish to be boosted past diamond 1 must be discussed.


The preferred choice for players that are being boosted for the first time, or are wanting to pick up a few pointers from a high tier booster. In this option you will be playing along side one of our boosters achieving the rank you desire. Accounts that wish to be boosted past diamond 1 must be discussed.

*note* Net win options are available under services.

Please communicate with us before purchasing a boost,we love to get to know our clients and want to determine the best actions for your needs.


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Ever wonder how some players get so darn good? Then maybe a little coaching would be a great option for you. Work together with a team as big as you wish while receiving tips on how to improve your win percentages.  Coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs and requests, replays are watched by several team members for better analysis.

Boosts to Master and Challenger available, contact us for information


Featured Boosters

Our boosters are required to meet a minimum standard of Challenger (update august 28) before being able to boost for us. Afterwards they are screened and are made sure to have a diamond 1 or above attitude also. Boosters are encouraged to develop a friendly environment, and to deliver the quality boost that is expected from them. We strive to deliver quality services through these excellent people, and expect the best efforts out of every member.Boosters on this page have performed exceptionally well over the month.



Top tier challenger player,famous twitch and you tuber.
Enjoys walks on the beach and does not like hurricanes.

Peak rank 2 NA season 7




  Consistently placed on the top 20 players in NA, if your boost or coaching requires professional talent this is who to contact. Professional booster that consistently outplays pro players 





Challenger riven main, proficient top laner who is a dedicated booster. One of the best riven players in NA, if not the best.








Looking for cheap LoL Smurfs? Or a LoL account that is already in Diamond, Silver, Gold or Platinum ranked ratings? All League of Legends accounts for-sale on Toplolboost are leveled and sold by professional and legit LoL players.



Order your own lvl 30 unranked account to a desired division with specific champions / winrate / kda / (Contact admin for more info) TOP SALE ORDER

We sell League of Legends level 30 accounts and if you are curious and have any questions about our League Smurfs, feel free to contact us through our live chat. Or leave a message and we will respond to you within 24 hours!

We handle all of our League of Legends account sales securely via PayPal. Everything is encrypted via HTTPS. Inquries for different payment methods can be addressed to admin


Frequently Asked Questions


Is my account information safe?

Only Toplolboost and the booster performing the service have access to your League of Legends account. Once a boost is complete, the login information is deleted from our system.


Do the boosters have access to my IP and RP?

Because the booster is accessing your account, they will have access to your IP and RP, however boosters are not permitted to use them unless permission is give by the customer.


Will only one booster perform the service?

Under normal circumstanced only one booster will access your account. If the booster is unable to complete the service for whatever reason, another booster will be assigned.


Can I spectate the games while a boost is being performed?

Yes, you are allowed to spectate if you have a second League of Legends account.


What if my booster isn't doing well, can I get another booster?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the progress of your boost you can contact us here or on our discord.


What happens if my account is reported and/or banned?

We will investigate the claim and if it's determined the ban was caused by our booster, if so we will provide a full refund and possible compensation for the violation. Boosting is against the terms of service and there is always a small risk to getting caught. The customer accepts this risk when purchasing a boost. If a permanent ban is issued, the customer will have to provide proof there were no previous violations on the account. A ban is normally only issued if there have been multiple warnings. We will not provide compensations if an account has had previous warnings.


How long will my boost take?

Depending on your starting division and what division you wanted to get boosted to, it can take one day or possibly a week. Bronze, silver and gold boosts are normally quick, platinum and diamond take longer. Master and challenger boosts require the longest time frame,of course.

Can I play on the account while a boost is in progress?

Yes, however you first have to contact us, and let us know that you are wanting to play. Once you are done playing, you can contact us to start the boost again.


How do I donate to a booster I like?

If you feel that one of our boosters has gone above and beyond in satisfying your boosting/coaching needs, and you feel like donating, our paypal welcomes you with warm arms,and so does the donate button below. Boosters receive 90% of tips rest assured. Just leave the booster name in a note on the tip! If that does not work out, feel free to contact admin support.


How It Works


Contact us or one of our boosters regarding what boosting needs you require then we will begin the payment process once you feel comfortable with your purchase decision. We guarantee account security and understand that your account is precious to you. If you feel a bit uneasy giving away account information, duo boost options would be better. Our professional boost services and team are large in variety and any other inquiries will be answered directly by site admins. Feel free to ask us anything involving our services.




Interested in working with us? Click below to open our sign up form.

Leave a message stating your available hours,main account rank, and server. Screenshot op.gg

First time applicants must go through trial orders.

Challenger NA  Only.