Solo lane player with unique champion pool, I've mastered a few champions that have carried me to higher elos such as Zed and Yasuo. This season I've been trying out Riven and Fiora and they're also pretty fun. I try to complete boosts as quick as possible and deliver quality tips and tricks. During games I maintain a can-do attitude , believing that no game is truly lost until the nexus is gone.

coaching - $25/Session

I will teach you the importance of pressuring lanes, counting the enemy cooldowns, timing, tradings, baitings, anticipate the intentions of the enemy, laning and fighting inside the fog of war, When you have the advantage and when you dont. I will teach you when it is the time to do a certain action in the game and shotcalls to win the game easily.

I will teach you both agressive and defensive playstyles, see which one we think is better for you and decide what we should do from there.

Coaching Methods & Options
I will offer the following things:
Vocal Coaching
Theory crafting

Replay Analysis
Live Coaching (requires you to be able to stream)
Spectator Coaching with a followed up game scene analysis
1v1 training against different players.


Please note all stats listed are for Solo Queue boost orders and are updated on a monthly basis.



Win 0
Lose 0
Winrate 0%
Win 18
Lose 2
Winrate 90%
Win 29
Lose 5
Winrate 85%
Win 40
Lose 9
Winrate 82%
Win 65
Lose 19
Winrate 77%


Games 84
Win 68
Lose 16
Games 49
Win 40
Lose 9
Games 40
Win 33
Lose 7
Games 9
Win 6
Lose 3
Games 2
Win 2
Lose 0

boosting statistics by champion

Total Games
Kills Deaths Assists KDA Ratio
Creeps Winrate
84 638 415 547 2.86 189/Game 81%
48 410 248 323 2.96 178/Game 83%
40 223 92 156 4.12 198/Game 83%
9 36 10 28 6.4 217/Game 66%
2 22 3 13 11.20 148/Game 100%