Net Wins




Interested in purchasing a specific amount of wins for your account? Net wins are the perfect thing for that! In solo net wins a booster will log onto your account and play for you. ( yes that means you have to release your account info to us for this option) . If you are not comfortable with this, that's fine! We offer duo net wins all the way to challenger.Duo net wins for the person that just wants a partner on the team that will for perform well  guaranteed. Play with one of our boosters until the net wins you desire is won. Best way to test out different boosters to see which one you like. To clarify also, a net win is the difference between wins and losses in the games played for  example ; 3 net wins purchase=4 wins and 1 loss..Regarding net wins above diamond, if a customer is at 0lp net wins are calculated above 0lp.For example,if a booster loses at 0lp then wins 1 game after bringing the account to 15lp,that counts as one net win. If you are unsure of how this works still feel free to contact us.



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