Booster Rules :

3.1.1. To report any booster breaking rules below, anonymously, message

3.1.2. Actions you cannot do in toplolboost:

3.1.3. you can't attempt to offer the customer  a cheaper price, or attempt to work some sort of deal  that involves a cheaper price (Private Job), Customers that report boosters for private jobs will be compensated. Ontop of that the Booster will be charged back 6months paypal.

3.1.4. you can't add the customer to your league of legends friend list in any situation, you must invite him directly from the lobby in case you are doing a Duo order

3.1.5. you can't share your personal information such as social media, skype, summoner names, email, discord, etc. 

3.1.6. you can't share customer account information with anyone

3.1.7. you can't dodge or abandon games even if you were autofilled, without customer's permission can't use customer IP\RP WITHOUT the customer permission

3.1.9.Regarding net wins above diamond, if a customer is at 0lp net wins are calculated above 0lp.For example,if a booster loses at 0lp then wins 1 game after bringing the account to 15lp,that counts as one net win.