Thoughts on Elo Boosting

So heres to answer a question a lot of people ask me now a days.

Lol boosts refer to services meant to increase your League of Legends ranking. They are provided by higher tier Lol players and they’re completed in according to your order, such as what rank you want or with what champion. There is of course a few things that you should know in order to have a peace of mind, before placing an order yourself.

So far, there has not been any bans regarding LoL boosting, it has become so prominent that most games played most likely have a booster in it . If there would be any bans or problems , boosters would get in trouble and lose their reputation too . This of course would effect the overall boosting business severely. When it comes to safety, all legit boosting service providers try to make you feel confident that your account is in the best hands.

The first thing that usually comes to mind when talking about giving your username/ password to a booster in the event of a solo queue order is that he might steal your account. There is absolutely no reasons why a booster would want to steal your account or anyone’s for the matter. All legit boosters have the same mentality where its a thought of “hey why not both of us benefit” , booster gets paid and the client gets the rank they want. Its doubtful that a legit boosting company would want your account . Why ruin something that is mutually beneficial?

Boosters don’t have access to private information or IP. It’s just a business. You pay them to boost and they do what they know best — playing LoL to get that rank you want or to teach you how to improve. It’s really a win-win situation . Where else would you learn how to play at a higher level best , besides at a higher level ?

Boosters are most players dirty little secret , how many of your friends that are higher rank then you do you think boost? Most likely the answer is , a lot. No one will know that you ever recieved a boosting service unless you’re willing to tell them. While being boosted the pro player doesn’t talk to anyone on your friends list , they just stick to the gameplay.

Since there are millions of people playing League of Legends, there obviously are many websites that offer boosting services. So you can be picky which elite players play for you. In the end of the day the boosting business is all about mutual benefit.

So to sum it all up Lol boosts are definitely safe, once you find a credible site. If you feel uneasy of course there’s always the options of purchasing a duo boost where you do not give your account info away. All you do is play with the player , just think of the booster as that one friend of yours that is really really good. Once you feel like things are alright , consider a solo boost . If you don’t have enough time, just let a pro handle your rank. Or if you feel like you want to force yourself to learn at a higher level, learn swimming by jumping in a lake sort of deal.

Mutual benefit my friends, mutual benefit.